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Wedding Shower Decor

Chic Wedding Shower Décor Ideas

Command™ Brand

Balloons, banners and bubbly set the stage for a fabulous bridal celebration. Combine those with the clean silhouettes of the Command™ Party line, and you’ll create focal points that’ll wow party guests.

Materials needed:


  • 1. Wedding shower prep is so much easier with Command™ Party products. The proof? The super-slick Party Balloon Buncher, which groups three decorative balloons—no helium or string required—into an eye-catching arrangement. Simply slide each balloon knot into an open slot and press the damage-free buncher to the wall.

  • Balloon Buncher
  • 2. Hang lightweight paper decorations or poms over a drink station to create additional visual interest. Carefully apply Party Ceiling Hooks and tuck adhesive tabs into corresponding slots for improved aesthetics. This is not recommended for popcorn ceilings.

  • Ceiling Hooks
  • 3. Don’t forget a celebratory banner for your favorite bride-to-be. The Party Banner Anchor works wonders for its unique hook that string simply wraps around.

  • Banner Anchor
  • 4. Peel and stick Party Balloon Clips with individual balloons to complete the look.

  • Balloon Clips

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